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Nostalgic America publishes a magazine in South Florida with well over 125,000 avid readers. We have been publishing nostalgic themed materials nationwide since 2001. 

The Wall Street Journal featured Nostalgic America on January 20, 2010. Jeff Zaslow a reporter wrote a multi page feature about our nostalgic themed magazine. We actually had our 15 minutes of fame that extended all the way until midnight.  

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Due to the high demand from our readers as well as our corporate partners we have created a collectible edition of a coffee table gift

The Perfect Gift for Boomers & Seniors!

This is an excellent way to personally thank your clients and friends… These books end up on coffee tables and will be shared with friends and family members for years!


·      Thank You Gifts for Clients

·      Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries…

·      Gifts for potential clients… WOW them in advance!

·      Perfect for Baby Boomers and Seniors | they LOVE to reminisce

·       Memory Books to help transform the recipient back to the good old days…  these are excellent therapeutic tools for Dementia and Alzheimer patients 

·       Visiting a client in hospital | rehab


Personalize each copy on the Inside Front Cover

We have created a space for your personalized note


·      You and your staff can hand write a beautiful note in this space

·      Place a pre-printed sticker in this space

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